Staff Software Engineer • Team Lead • October '22 - Present

SystemUI Team Lead @ Android

  • Provided strategic insight on foundational Android behavioral and API changes.
  • Lead of the team, mentoring in engineering design, instrumentation, deployment and career growth.
  • Created large scale designs, scoped projects, and executed in varied subdomains of Android.
  • Supported core Google Assistant teams to integrate, optimize, and maintain intelligent presentations.
  • Prototyped novel Generative AI/intelligent integrations within Android.

Senior Software Engineer • Team Lead • November '20 - October '22

Camera Foundations

  • Created new foundational Camera Streaming Framework for mobile platforms.
  • Invented new optimized streaming algorithm for battery powered cameras.
  • Led team of 8 with Co-TL, mentoring in engineering design, instrumentation, deployment and career growth.
  • Scoped large scale engineering efforts related to long term integrations in Google Home ecosystem.
  • Designed and deployed safety harnesses within Google Home Mobile Applications for youth accounts.
  • Utilized 20% time to provide contributions to Google Research team's release of Project Activate (see projects)
  • Promoted after continuous SEE ratings

Software Engineer • November '18 - November '20

Camera Foundations

  • Designed, instrumented, and deployed GAIA(Google) migration for authentication in the Nest ecosystem for all platforms.
  • Designed and deployed foundational threading model changes in Nest Android application.
  • Updated foundational protocol and streaming functionality for Google Home supported IOT camera devices.
  • Wrote custom decoder logic to generate animated previews in the Google Home app.
  • Promoted after getting Superb rating, which only 5% of Googlers receive.


Platform SDE • February ‘18 — October '18

Platform/Infrastructure role

  • Did various stack audits including metrics, third party dependencies, networking, security, caching and data persistence. Then worked with dependent teams to re-approach, optimize, or re architect the various stack as necessary.
  • Led API reviews for internal library introductions as well as provided mentorship to more junior staff.
  • Revised the rollout and promotion plan for the client builds to optimize for developer velocity as well as to decrease external testing vendor cost.
  • Worked hand in hand with security team to harden client logic by introducing device attestation to verify the client and the authenticity of underlying device.
  • Introduced certificate pinning and validation to the existing client.
  • Re-architected the existing network stack in the client to resolve various authentication race conditions and to simply the error flow.
  • Worked on various critical bugs that spanned from the Android client to core backend services.

Mason America

Senior Software Engineer • September ‘16 — January '18

Senior Software Engineer working on creating a new platform

  • Wrote and deployed a python CLI tool(mason-cli) for interaction with the Mason platform.
  • Wrote and deployed a fully functional application updater Android client.
  • Wrote and deployed a fully functional FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) Android client.
  • Contributed to the Mason Platform Dashboard using React.js
  • Contributed to the Mason Platform Backend services using Node.js
  • Helped architect backend services for both FOTA and App Updater, as well as helping architect device tracking, device grouping, and device deployment.
  • Provided insight for various certification requirements around mobile deployment, including GMS licensing, Qualcomm binary licensing and sublicensing.
  • Worked on device bring up for in house devices to bring them into compatability with the Mason framework
  • Architected, implemented, and instrumented core OS services and interfaces for further extensibility within Mason's fork of Android.
  • Created necessary build infrastructure to create a better process for internal development teams as well as creating a deployment model and defining release cadences.


Senior Software Engineer • February ‘15 — September '16

Lead core framework developer

  • Architected, implemented, and instrumented core OS services and interfaces for further extensibility within Cyanogen’s fork of Android.
  • Created necessary build infrastructure to create a better process for internal development teams as well as creating a deployment model and defining release cadences.
  • Implemented features and debugged issues in Android stacks ranging from bluetooth, graphics/widgeting, telephony, all the way to the implementation of selinux policies in the OS.
  • Wrote an Analytics api, sdk and implementation for all of the clients that were part of the Cyanogen OS distribution.
  • Pioneered the initial rebase of the full feature set against the newest revision of Android (Marshmallow).
  • Created a mechanism for ODM’s to provide packages to be “preloaded” on our releases allowing them to scope all the way down the SKU.
  • Provided consultation and insight on architectural decisions for various Android projects started by the company.
  • Architected, designed, prototyped, and polished a more efficient way to achieve RPC with a middle proxy component which served as discovery in Android using raw binder constructs.
  • Mentored interns on various core Android concepts and provided guidance when necessary.
  • Provided experienced feedback in api/code reviews internally and externally (OSS project) for Java, C++, and Python projects.

Software Engineer • May ‘14 — February '15

Core OS developer

  • Member of the CoreOS Team which handled various Android projects driven by internal product team.
  • Wrote an SDK for developers to create plugins to provide content for a launcher-like application in Android.
  • Led initial engineering talks with Qualcomm as well as fulfillment of obligations regarding integrating CyanogenMod features into their QRD project.
  • Wrote a user tracking mechanism for a large ODM only using SMS.
  • Implemented an abstraction in the Android SMS stack allowing WhisperSystem’s TextSecure to encrypt and decrypt all messages sent by a user through any Android client.


Software Developer • July '13 — April '14

Software developer providing solutions to various mobile operators

  • Created solutions for service providers to provision and deploy Android CDMA devices.
  • Created an analytic platform for carriers and employer to track provisions and status of deployments, as well as created in-house tooling to increase overall efficiency.

Sole Proprietorship

Software Developer • October '12 — Current

Personal, self funded projects (links provided under projects)

  • aeGis: Android security application that allows a user to do administrative tasks locally via SMS.
  • Quickly: Android application that allows a user to set favorite shortcuts in expandable notification.
  • Hover Browser: Android browser that floats above other applications with ChatHead-like behavior.
  • Puxle: Never ending cross word puzzle built in Flutter.
  • trunks.social: Cross platform Mastodon client built in Flutter.


University of Nebraska

Student • 2008 — 2014


Project Activate

Individual Contributor while at Google

Helped build and ship the Project Activate Android application as part of my 20% project supporting the Google Research team.


Sole Developer

trunks for Mastodon is the best way to experience Mastodon any of your devices, whether web, Android or iOS. With its rich features and intuitive interface, trunks makes it easy to stay connected with your friends, follow your favorite topics, and discover new content.


Sole Developer

Puxle is a never ending crossword puzzle game built in Flutter.

Hover Browser

Sole Developer

Hover Browser is an attempt to free you from your single application sandbox. By allowing you to open multiple weblinks within multiple resizable windows, Hover Browser lets you decide how much content you want visible at any time.

Quickly Notification Shortcuts

Sole Developer

Quickly is a simple app that creates an ongoing notification in your notification drawer filled with up to 12 to an application launcher, direct dial to a contact, direct messaging to a contact, direct call to a contact, a shortcut to a URL, a floating widget, or applications that you can configure.


Sole Developer

aeGis is an OSS alternative to other security apps that interact via SMS.

  • Locate and track your phone if it goes missing or is stolen by receiving sms updates of its location.
  • Remotely lock your device with a password or pin number.
  • Remotely wipe your device.
  • Remotely backup up call logs or sms logs(or both) to either Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Remotely enable sound on device and make it scream.
  • Create an IMSI(SIM Card) whitelist


Architect and Primary Developer

Architectured, wrote, and documented a fully abstracted framework library (so we could set up our own verticals for API's) within Android


Sole Developer

Twitter bot that can receive mentions or be included in conversations to analyze the account(s) to see what their bot score is based off of a BotOrNot score.


Sole Developer

Concierge handles your parcels and makes sure they get marshalled and unmarshalled correctly when crossing IPC boundaries even when there is a version mismatch between the client protocol level and the RPC implementation.


Primary Developer

mason-cli is the command line interface that allows third parties to upload artifacts and deploy them to devices out in the field.

WeatherUnderground Weather Provider

Sole Developer

A Weather Underground weather provider for CyanogenMod using the CMSDK. Written with retrofit and dagger.

Yahoo Weather Provider for CM

Sole Developer

A Yahoo weather for CyanogenMod using the CMSDK. Written with retrofit and dagger.


European Students Unite

President • 2010 — 2011

Recognized Student Organization(ESU) at University of Nebraska which raised over $10k for charity in tenure.

Additional Links

CyanogenMod SDK

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A high level talk I presented at the Big Android BBQ regarding the CMSDK.